Custom Care Body Corporate Services

Custom Care Body Corporate Services is a company dedicated to the professional management of Body Corporate’s assets in the Greater Brisbane , Ipswich and Toowoomba Region.  With over 20 years experience we are responsive and flexible to your requirements.

Custom Care Body Corporate Services offer you a unique opportunity to join a progressive company interested in dedicating itself to the management of your asset. This is achieved by closely working with you, your committees and service providers so that your asset achieves you its highest possible return.

We manage this by having the backing of a large net work of industry professionals built over 20 years of dedicated service to Bodies Corporate. This gives your Body corporate a wealth of knowledge whether you reside in or have a portfolio of residential units, townhouses and commercial properties the high standard of service offered and the expert interpretation of the act are the reason behind our continuing growth.Our staff has undergone extensive training in the Body Corporate systems and have over 20 years experience to ensure that this high standard of service and expert interpretation of the Act is continued at Custom Care Body Corporate services office.

Custom Care Body Corporate Services are committed to assisting all lot owners to peacefully, reasonably and responsibly enjoy their investment.