Body Corporate Management Brisbane

Over the years BCCM Act has evolved to meet the changing needs of owners and the style of Bodies Corporate. One of the major changes is that the management committee makes all the decisions for the Body Corporate . No Longer can the Body Corporate manager make decisions of the Body Corporate. Your Body Corporate manager is engaged to provide all, Secretarial, administration and accounting functions but we cannot act without the direction of your management committee.

All developments, both large and small benefit by using the synergies of a Body Corporate Manager, and committee all working together. We offer reports that assist the committees in making the difficult decisions in the smooth running of your asset.

The  experience  that  Custom Care  Body Corporate Services has with preparing budgets and schedules of contribution and interest lot entitlements and the experience of management and general operational issues from other buildings may be vital to your development.

Combining this  knowledge to be able to assist the committee in the day to day running and provide input into the By-Laws,with advise on public liability issues.

In  short, Custom Care Body Corporate Services must be part of your development strategy.